about us.

art and science are what you usually find behind every SUCCESS.

In marketing, art is all you need to create the idea, to define the brand and to design the campaign concept in the most creative way; while science is required to drive the use of technology that measures, delivers and serves this art to the right people at the right time and for the most value.

Translating your business goals into effective Art and Science is what we do, by using the science of information technology combined with our artistic marketing knowledge and creativity, so you can make the most of every pound in any medium, from the web to mobile phones, anywhere in the world.

why are we different?


It is our bread and butter to partner with our clients, recognize their needs and understand their business intimately. Our team will immerse into your business, and understand what your customers want, and how to engage the brand and meet your objectives.


Our services are fully integrated, from design to hard core development; we have professionals heading up each department. Everything is in-house with no need for outsourcing.


At Megillion if we say we are going to do it, it gets done. We have a relentless pursuit for excellence throughout the whole engagement process and from planning to the after delivery services. We get things done on time and on budget; no matter what…


We care about results. We set metrics for success, define milestones for achievements and work with our clients to accomplish their needs.


We, at all times, work in open and trusted relationships. We have no hidden agendas and no hidden costs.

We’re an open book.


The Megillion team’s exceptional professionalism, strategic thinking, unconventional and creative approaches give us an edge over competition and make us a great business partner to work with.

how we do it.

Our outstanding magical results in marketing mainly raised in our three in-house rooms: the ideas box, the studio and the lab. The magic happens in these three rooms, where our talented team treats every opportunity with equal enthusiasm and as a chance to shine and drive people to act. The results are amazing with creative that works and a team that delivers. Megillion have constructed a business model to appeal to clients who want more involvement, accountability, integrity and creativity from their agency.

the ideas box.

Great ideas come from here, where all teams members meet. You can call it a kitchen, you can call the play room, but in this room all creativity come along.

the studio.

Imagination, creativity and art. The studio has it all where beautiful things come to light.

the lab.

When it’s about technical, people come to this room. a place with a big tag at the door: Computer geeks only allowed after this point!

We differentiate ourselves from other agencies by our exceptional professionalism, our strategic thinking, our unconventional ideas, boundary pushing creative and our educated knowledge that we are proud about. Our highly efficient processes mean we are fast to market, and cost effective.

the updates

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the services

Our range of services based on Art and Science; we provide amazing Marketing Services, with creativity that suites your business, using our spectacular scientific technical knowledge, and our skilled and creative artists, we immerse into our clients' businesses and partner with them, so they can make the most of every pound in any medium, from the web to mobile phones, anywhere in the world.

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